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  1. bro you don't understand how happy i am to see you on stake and trying gates of heaven!!! sadly i'm already under another streamer can't use your code very unfortunately because i'm already lvl2 plat. would love to connect and check if you can do something to bring me on your code instead

  2. @Stahnngg I've been watching you daily for almost a year now. Already had a stake account before watching you. I've signed up several people under your code since rejoining stake. You said anything you can do to give back. I can't redeem anything from your changeover but anything helps bro. I'll keep sending people your way cause you're the best. I'm in your discord and in noti gang

  3. Watched the reveal stream and it was wicked to see the reaction and support from everyone in chat! Hopefully we can see a better outcome next time💰

  4. HypeUp great and all but Stake is where the big boys play and Stake can afford to pay. I hope you get your bag Stahn. Been with you since day 1 man! ❤

  5. Oh my goodness! My boy is back on Stake, much love to you Stahn, I love your videos so much! I've been for quite a while on Stake as well. Best of luck with the slots! 🙂

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