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  1. Please do a watch collection video id love to see it. Got such an interest in watches but I’ve got a negative bank account. Love the vids man just recently re subbed trying to stop gambling and your videos really help

  2. I find it way less interesting as euros. I guess it’s a similar sentiment to you not taking it seriously when it’s dollars.. seeing euros just seems like it’s meaningless.

  3. What do you spend your money on? “I don’t buy anything …..…but I did buy houses, cars, watches, and spent 3 million dollars on NFTs.”

  4. Wish you would do a special with one of your followers and change sum one life your a top bloke and one of my favourite YouTubers you pick a slot and they go against you in a bonus buy Challenge do warm up rounds just like you do bro good content that would be 🤙🏼

  5. really enjoyed your videos, but encouraging people to participate in NFTs is really dumb.

    Name one NFT project that isnt a cashgrab for those creating it? name 1?

    crypto can change systems and how the world is perceived. NFTs are just scams.

  6. The amount of shit chatted in this video 😂. I can tell everyone that these types of videos with streamers apart from a very select few are all affiliated with these casinos. Hence the ridiculous amounts of money.

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