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  1. Talked to you on your post about ideas, honestly the bonus battle vs fencer is top tier. However increasing starting amounts I feel won't matter, unless you was to hit some 300k win and then you do 5 5k buys to start. Everyone talks about the money they give, or how they gave a spin away. It's time we as brothers stand for something higher. You got merch, give out 50% off codes. Or a free T shirt every-once in a while. You could use the wheel to do that. At the end of a video once a week, spin what the person gets, then randomly draw a name who gets it. I majored in marketing and minored in finances. The real only way to grab attention is to get it. Blow up your image, build up to bigger things, then the fame will come. I think it's time for a legit intro to the videos mash up all the hype reactions and build an image.

  2. 5 k Start makes more sense ,you’ve been doing redepos almost every video lately so Yeah 5 K is the one and Gates Proved that Tonight
    Bbbbbb Baaaaaannngg 🔥😂.

    Greeting from Republic of Kosovo 🇽🇰 ( Europe)

  3. I rate, try 1 more 5k depo and if it doesn’t pay then we know. Because most of the time you start on 3k you re depo and its more than 5k anyways. So just make it 5k and no re depo for like 2 more vids and see what happens

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