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  1. I'm from Canada, and the other guy was from the US. I was shit talking mad on OG MW, and this one guy joined my lobby. we were swearing at each other for 5 minutes str8. 12 years later, and we are close friends, we went to the US for his wedding, ahhaah

  2. When Dave said Steve this game is for you… I was like wait not me😂 I’ve been asking for that Hot Madame Destiny ☠️ Still loved the video 🙂

  3. Gamer thought here, I can definitely tell you I have been a toxic troll when I've had to carry and lose because there's the one noob who just doesn't get it 🤣 I have definitely calmed down over the years ❤️

  4. You definitely are the most responsible lol, but help your brother out too… You and Georgie are hilarious together, well you all are. In general tho i think you guys together are the best videos. I ramble…

  5. It's crazy to me how some people watch you guys just to hate… Ik it's not my money but it's funny how it hurts to watch for me too. Wish nothing but big wins for all three of you stack them winnings. Spin gang forever

  6. This is a really big success in f… zus slot, he will not pay you man just skip it, you are clever than this, when you get a profit from him just running away, I learned it from you man, just leave it for a month

  7. Dudeeee the baits are reaaaal. how many times can it 3 scatter you and do that shameless sh*t when it doesn't get you INNN. It's shameless even when you up bro. I guess it's too much to ask for but god damn pragmatic should finally get their sh*t together and give you a max win situation. You deserve it man, it should be all yours, you are the guru of the spin nation. Anyway great video x7, I love you and all your videos are nuts man, and I'm wishing you the best of luck in gambling and i wish you all the best in life <3333. Dave remember we are all with you through thick and thin no matter what happens you are the best man. Cheers <3

  8. Honestly Dave. I gave you a thumbs up but you didn't deserve it. Gates is absolutely trash. I'm tired of the boys getting wrecked like a whore on nickel Fridays. Keep choosing any slot but Gates and Gems Bonanza. Mad respectfully!

  9. I love you… just all your content you make me laugh, you just go off randomly at slots, people, toxic streamers 😂😂😂 daily dose of joy ❤❤🎉🎉❤❤

  10. INDEEED….solid vibes Dave and if that were me I would count it as a win as it could have been a lot worse…hope you are well and thanks for the video big guy….later man

  11. Your energy is unmatched, I could literally watch you all day 🙌🏻 I kinda wish I only just discovered you now, so I could binge watch all your videos for the first time 😊 not a bad session, not by Zussy's standards anyway! See you tomorrow, David ❤❤❤

    Ps, I'd kinda like to see you play 'John Hunter and the Quest for Bermuda Riches'. I'm OBSESSED, wish I'd found it sooner 🎉

  12. Gotta say Dave and 1k spins…… where is the bonus gates come on. This man needs that 100k bonus for 1k. Great content mate enjoyed the video and more the shit talking lol. Thanks for the upload. 316_james 🎉

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