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  1. Just recently found out about you and love the content, your energy is insane and keeps it entertaining. (and yes the double slot videos are great, although i love the ones where you get multiple different ones too) Keep up the great content 🙏🤘🏼

  2. These kind of videos are very entertaining but I think that you have a higher chance of getting profit just by playing one slot only for higher chance of milking the rtp but i dunno im not a slot expert. Keep up with the great videos man

  3. Honest feedback: I like when you combine multiple slots but I'd rather two slots that are more similar to see which pops off more. Eg. sweet bonanza and billions bonanza or wanted and gladiator legends. keep it up Kaz 🥶

  4. Hey man! Honestly whenever I watch ppl play just one slot and not leave after big profits to a different slot I just smh like "what are you doing"? Lol. If you ever get up really good on a slot but you're going for a longer video just changing slots makes sense to me but I understand questioning if the slots broken and paying but I don't think that happens much lol. I've thought about commenting about this but too lazy, until you asked about it. I'm a real one!! Lol dude you're awesome. I noticed you got pretty tan but you have a farmers tan a bit lol😂 maybe not anymore but I hope you're smiling cuz you're a 10 lol

  5. ggs on the video i hope wanted blesses nect time around and im loving the style of the recent videos although i know the depos are much bigger now and higher risk thanks for always giving us banger videos and hooking the community up all the time much love kaz❤

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